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Tweeting Before Smartphones: Remembering the TwitterPeek

"No phone, no browser, no camera — and no apologies"

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Back in 2009, while smartphone were available across markets, most phone users still relied on their feature phones. And Twitter was mostly used as a website.

We saw a new, single-use device appear called the TwitterPeek. This $99 always-connected Twitter device came with its own cellular service and 6 months of service included. Users could renew the service for $8 per month (sound familiar 😏) or pay $199 for lifetime access.

Tech reviewers loved the simplicity of the TwitterPeek and how it brought smartphone-like capabilities to the masses at a low price. When the first Peek device launched in 2008 (a simple email client), Wired magazine awarded it Gear of the Year, describing it as “no phone, no browser, no camera—and no apologies.”

But, as we frequently see with single-use tech devices, support didn’t last long. Peek terminated its service in 2012, saying the devices reached “end of life.” I guess that’s what they meant by lifetime access.

You can find Peek devices on eBay selling for as low as $10. Don’t expect them to work though.