Retro Tech

Encarta MindMaze: Pioneering Edutainment in the 90s

MindMaze blended adventure with learning, making it a favorite part of the 90s digital encyclopedia, Encarta.

A Brief History of Search Engines

From the pioneering days of Archie, Altavista and Yahoo to the AI-driven sophistication of Google and Bing, we cover the history of search engines.

Netscape’s Meteor Animation

Netscape's meteor-like throbber became a nostalgic icon of the early internet era.

WordPad Says Goodbye: A Look Back at the Minimalist Writing App

After 28 faithful years – outliving Internet Explorer, Encarta and the Zune – WordPad's legacy is coming to an end

P.S., I Love You: The Hotmail Story

July 4, 1996 changed the internet, marking the launch of a free web service that would connect billions

Mazes & Flying Toasters: The Screensavers That Defined an Era

Screensavers brought computers to life with animations and easter eggs

Running Windows on Anything but a Computer

Just when we thought we've seen everything from Windows 95/98/XP, the retrocomputing community takes old software and old hardware and manages to make something new

Winamp: How a Quirky MP3 Player Became an Audio Icon

Winamp's personalization and passionate community have kept it thriving for more than 25 years

Microsoft Encarta changed the way we learn

Encarta cut the cost of encyclopedia access and rose to an educational juggernaut, only to be overtaken by the thing it inspired

11 Sci-Fi Movies that Predicted the Future of Tech

From early classics like Metropolis to 90s hits like The Matrix, these films have both reflected and influenced tech trends