Amstrad E3

Video Calls on a 56K Modem

The Amstrad E3 brought video calling to households before they even had broadband

Jaguar VR

Jaguar Dreams and VR Schemes

Atari's Jaguar VR vaporware


Tweeting Before Smartphones: Remembering the TwitterPeek

"No phone, no browser, no camera — and no apologies"

Virgin Lobster 700TV

Bringing TV Channels to the Feature Phone: The Virgin Lobster 700TV

This bulky headset added 5 TV channels to users' pockets

The Pocket Surfer 2 downloaded webpages over pre-3G networks faster than any other phone

In the pre-3G era of smart phones, webpages were painfully slow to download outside of wifi. But the Pocket Surfer 2 was fast. How did it do it?

From Game Console to Movie Center: The Panasonic Q was Nintendo’s DVD Dream

The Panasonic Q (2001) was a hybrid version of the Nintendo GameCube, exclusive to the Japanese market