The 100 Best SEGA Master System Games

The SEGA Master System outshined its rivals in graphics and processor power. Here are the best games for the Master System.

The 100 Best Game Gear Games

The SEGA Game Gear, with its color screen and landscape format, challenged early 90s handhelds. Here are the best games on the Game Gear.

The 100 Best SEGA CD Games

The SEGA CD's larger storage and dual CPU system propelled gaming into a new era. Here are the best games on the SEGA CD.

The 28 Best SEGA 32X Games

The SEGA 32X was a technological marvel that challenged gaming norms. Here are the best games on the SEGA 32X.

The 100 Best SEGA Genesis Games

Explore the top 100 SEGA Genesis titles, from action-packed adventures like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to innovative classics like Earthworm Jim, in this nostalgic dive into retro gaming

The 100 Best SEGA Saturn Games

The SEGA Saturn might have been overshadowed in its day, but its games are still a blast to play. Here is our list of the top 100 games that made Saturn a cult classic.

sonic the hedgehog listening to music in a 16 bit video game scene

From Green Hills to Cosmic Beats: A Deep Dive into the Retro Soundtrack of Sonic the Hedgehog

Grab your rings and get ready to roll – we're diving into the melodies that made Sonic a soundtrack superstar!